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365-day course: WEEK 4

Life is a journey; not a destination.


FIRST THING when I wake up each day:
1.  I will think of something (this can be small, keep it simple) that I appreciate and write it down in my “MY STORY” journal.*
*While I am thinking of whatever it is, in this state of appreciation I will do the Moving Meditation for APPRECIATION so that I begin to associate the feeling with the movement, song, and practice. The MM link is below.
2.  I will identify the emotions I experienced upon awakening and write them down in my journal.
3.  Take 5 minutes to visualize. Check!
4. (Optional) Share or post in the facebook group to let everyone know I have completed my a.m practice for the day!  My team is there to support me and keep me accountable!


Moving Meditation Practice – APPRECIATION

Continuing our morning gratitude practice!  As we did in Weeks 1-3, we are starting each morning this month with the Moving Meditation for APPRECIATION.  If you want to review the breakdown videos (or use the other versions of these MMs from our Zoom calls), you can return to your Week 1, Week 2, or Week 3 pages; all the videos are saved there.

We don’t have our live Zoom calls every morning so we will find our own time to work this practice, and use the facebook group to stay connected!



Continuing our Moving Meditation for SURVIVAL this week.

Here is the intro, breakdown, and full MM.  Remember… if we can get through this, we can do anything!




MM SURVIVAL - Breakdown ►



Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga

The Moving Meditation for RELIEF is part of our daily Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga (WTCY) practice.  Your WTCY Breakdown (BD) for RELIEF was one of your videos provided in Week 1 in the course.  The breakdown for WTCY Round 1 was also in Week 1.  If you have not watched those, they are available on your Week 1 page and we suggest watching them before moving on to the next breakdown round.  The breakdown for WTCY Round 2 was included in your Week 2 practice, and the breakdown for WTCY Round 3 was included in your Week 3 practice.

This week’s WTCY Breakdown (BD) is for Round 4.  The video is below.

The link to this week’s full WTCY class is below that if you want to make this half-hour class part of your morning or daily practice.


WTCY Workshop - Round 4 Breakdown ►

Warrior® Workout

We have added optional Warrior® Workouts to the mix!  Don’t worry, this is completely optional because we know many of you have been doing these workouts on a regular basis for the last few months.  You can do this in your own time, and you can start with just one 5-minute round if you want!  No pressure.

Here is a link to a full class mix.  Enjoy!  You can also access the full library of workouts on your VIP Warrior® Workout page.


Warrior® Workout - Mix #46 ►

Inspirational Conversations

You may notice that your “checklist” on the calendar includes listening to an “Inspirational Conversation” in your own time.  What is an Inspirational Conversation?

Our podcast, Alignment Essentials: Inspirational Conversations for Living in Alignment, covers many of the tools we will be using in our 365 day practice.  We suggest starting by listening to Episode 2: Living in Alignment.

You can listen directly at the link below, or go to the full podcast page to check out additional episodes.  If you have never listened to the podcast and are relatively new to working with AE, you might want to listen to the Introduction episode in addition to Episode 2.  If you have listened to those episodes already, select another!


Each night before I go to bed:
1.  I will note the three most dominant emotions I experienced today and write them down in my journal.
2.  I will circle the experiences that apply to me today in my journal.
3.  (Optional) Coloring time!
4.  (Optional) Share or post in the facebook group to share my experiences.

WEEK 4 KICKOFF – replay

Here is the recording of the Week 4 kickoff Zoom.