Find Your Strength

The Warrior® Toning workout is designed to assist participants in achieving full mind-body connection.

Through a unique combination of slow and controlled movement using a single “heavy” weight, you will be able to achieve increased total body strength as well as improve balance and agility.

This practice uses repetition in patterns of movement, leading to increased cognitive function and general improvement in your understanding of safe and effective exercise.

Empowerment cueing and inspirational music are huge motivating forces, as they are in all of the Warrior formats.

*We recommend using a single 8-pound weight for the Warrior® Toning Workout, but if you need to start with something lighter please do so. Listen to your body and do what’s right for you. Those who are used to heavier weights may prefer a single 10 or 12 pound weight.

Jani Roberts, founder of Alignment Essentials. Photos by Establish 1208

Attend A Class

Classes are offered in a variety of ways:

  • Online access available 24/7/365 through our VIP Subscription: Click HERE
  • Live online classes (coming soon)
  • Live in-person classes (coming soon)