Alignment Essentials is a health & wellness company spanning the fitness, self-improvement, and mindfulness spaces.  Everything we do is based on the belief that we can help people lead a more empowered lifestyle.  We do this by providing essential tools to help participants stay in alignment throughout their daily lives.

Get in Alignment:
The AE Virtual Connection




The Alignment Essentials consist of:
The Warrior® Workout:  fitness classes emphasizing the mind-body connection to improve physical and mental well-being
Moving Meditations™: short patterns of movement, set to music and each tied to an emotion, to enhance and improve emotional well-being, and
Inspirational Conversations™:  audio recordings
and live calls on a variety of topics to inspire meaningful thoughts and promote positive self-talk


We understand that people lead busy lives.  You may not always have time to go to the gym, let alone take a minute for yourself to just breathe.  We’re here to help.  Access the Warrior Workouts, Moving Meditations, Inspirational Conversations, and a whole network of people instantly through the AE Virtual Connection.  Want only workouts? Only interested in trying Moving Meditations?   No problem,  you can purchase a single product (unlimited Workouts OR unlimited Moving Meditations) for just $14.99/month, or for only $5 more you can purchase all products and access the entire virtual subscription service.

Single Service – The Warrior® Workout

Stream unlimited Warrior® Workouts from anywhere.


Single Service – Moving Meditations

Access unlimited Moving Meditations from anywhere.


The AE Virtual Connection

Access the entire library of Alignment Essentials online content.


Warrior® Workouts

Moving Meditations

Inspirational Conversations


(2 months free)

AE VIP Membership

Access the entire library of Alignment Essentials online content, plus the AE VIP Workout Library and the AE VIP Moving Meditations Library, and numerous added benefits.