Want added benefits?


What is an AE VIP?

AE VIP members receive numerous benefits on top all of the benefits of being in the AE Virtual Connection.

As an AE VIP, you get the following added benefits:

(1) access to the AE VIP Workout Library page, which includes additional Workout mixes as well as class videos of many events throughout the year, including the Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga sessions from Retreat, and outdoor Warrior® Workout classes from Retreat and live events
(2) Moving Meditation VIP page, which includes additional Moving Meditations, bonus group videos, and more
(3) $100 discount off Retreat prices, and other discounts throughout the year
(4) Referral bonuses — if you refer anyone to purchase ANYTHING from the website (clothing, register for Retreat, register for AE Virtual Connection), YOU receive 10% of the amount in credit to use towards the site. *You receive this usually every 6 months or once a year, but if you would like to receive it at different times or at certain milestones, we are happy to discuss individually.
(5) attend any live class experience FREE throughout the year as a complimentary guest (usually classes are $20-$25)
(6) access to music downloads, additional breakdowns, and other training materials and support for instructors, and continued certification and license to teach (all current instructors must be AE VIPs)

Bonus videos, live events, discounts, referral rewards, and more

Become an AE VIP now and instantly unlock the added benefits

AE VIP Membership

Access the entire library of Alignment Essentials online content, plus the AE VIP Workout Library and the AE VIP Moving Meditations Library.

Includes (*in addition to AE Virtual Connection):

Warrior® Workouts

*AE VIP Workout Library

Moving Meditations

*AE VIP Moving Meditation Library

Inspirational Conversations

*Numerous discounts throughout the year

*COMPLIMENTARY attendance at live events

*Referral bonuses