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Warrior® Workouts


Quiet Your Mind; Empower Your Body

The Warrior® Workout is a practice of mind-body connection and paying attention to how you FEEL.

The movement patterns do not change; what changes is your understanding of the movement.

As you learn the workout, you will choose from various options (called States of Mind) to decide what you want to focus on and what works best for your body.

It’s A Practice

This workout is designed for EVERYONE — men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

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It’s your workout – YOU decide.

The Warrior® Workout is done in 5-minute rounds followed by short periods of active recovery.

  • Each round is based on either a martial-arts movement or military training/functional fitness, and breakdown videos are available for each round.
  • There are 3 different options, called States of Mind, to choose from throughout the workout.
  • These are not “levels” or modifications; one is not harder than another.
  • They simply work completely different skill sets, so YOU get to decide what to focus on.

For example, in this round, which is from one of the military training rounds:

Johnny is in State of Mind 1. He is doing a low lunge to a low side jack;
Jani is in State of Mind 2, doing a regular lunge to a jumping jack; and
Sabrina is in State of Mind 3 doing a burpee to a flyaway jumping jack.

One of these is not harder than another. They are working completely different skill sets. Johnny is working balance and core in his low lunges; Jani is working cardio and pushing her heart rate up with jumping jacks, and Sabrina is working flexibility and incorporating strength and more upper body.

Which SOM would you choose today? Our choices change all the time depending on how we feel.

No judgment—you can’t get it wrong!

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