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Alignment Essentials PODCAST

Inspirational Conversations for Living in Alignment

with Jani Roberts & Sabrina Ursaner

Welcome to the

Inspirational Conversations for Living in Alignment

Listen in every week to find out how to get more joy in your life.

“This is a practice; you are never going to get it done. But we promise you, you will start to experience more of what you want in your life and less of what you don’t want in a very short period of time. You just have to get started and the time to start is NOW.”

You can download and listen to all episodes in Season 1 on this page.

Episode Guide

Season 1 features the following episodes:

Episode 001: Welcome to Alignment Essentials with Jani & Sabrina
Episode 002:  Living in Alignment
Episode 003:  Moving Meditations
Episode 004:  The Warrior® Workout
Episode 005:  Arianne Traverso — A Soul Based Business
Episode 006:  Adele Dunn — Focus on Feeling Good
Episode 007:  Heather Dixon — Inspirational Conversation
Episode 008:  Tara Romano — Your Life Unleashed

Episode 1:  An Introduction

What does it mean to “live in alignment”?

Meet Jani & Sabrina, hosts of Inspirational Conversations for Living in Alignment, and hear an overview of the tools offered by Alignment Essentials.

Episode 2:  Living in Alignment

In this episode, Jani and Sabrina discuss:

  • How living in alignment is an ongoing practice that can help us feel good most of the time.
  • The importance of balancing the spiritual, emotional and physical in order to experience joy.
  • Why paying attention to how one feels informs the direction of one’s thoughts

Key Takeaways:

  • Our thoughts create our beliefs which in turn become our story & how we experience our lives.
  • It’s a step by step process that will never be done.
  • Start with appreciating something that is already working in your life.

Episode 3:  Moving Meditations

In this episode, Jani and Sabrina discuss:

  • What are Moving Meditations? How are they different from “regular” meditation?

Key Takeaways:

  • Moving meditations can help quiet the mind and shift our emotions.
  • The more you practice the less you have to think about it.
  • The physical component is key to decreasing stress levels and help provide relief.

Episode 4:  The Warrior® Workout

In this episode, Jani and Sabrina discuss:

  • The concept and philosophy behind the Warrior® Workout by Alignment Essentials and what makes it different from other workouts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mind your own business – don’t worry about what other people are doing; pay attention to how YOU feel.  What’s your WORD?

Episode 5:  A Soul-Based Business (with guest Arianne Traverso)

In this episode, Jani, Sabrina, and Arianne discuss:

  • Following your passion in order to create a business you love.
  • The Value of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Life balance is more important that chasing financial-only outcomes.
  • Keep working your practice and opportunities will come knocking.

Episode 6:  Focus on Feeling Good (with guest Adele Dunn)

In this episode, Jani, Sabrina, and Adele discuss:

  • How the Alignment Essentials mindset can help you let go of specific outcomes in life and embrace new unexpected opportunities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Not everyone’s journey looks the same yet everyone’s life experience is valid.
  • Let go of perfection because the right opportunities will find you. You can’t get it wrong.
  • Nothing is more important than that you feel good.

Episode 7:  Inspirational Conversation (with guest Heather Dixon)

In this episode, Jani, Sabrina, and Heather discuss:

  • The Warrior Workout as a shift in personal perception of what is possible to accomplish no matter your fitness level or physical conditioning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Take ownership of your own fitness needs.
  • Let go in the body to let go in the mind.
  • The Warrior® Workout gives you permission to exercise according to your needs.

Episode 8:  Your Life Unleashed (with guest Tara Romano)

In this episode, Jani, Sabrina, and Tara discuss:

  • How women can lift each other up, make connections, and use events for female self-empowerment.

Key Takeaways:

  • We teach what we need.
  • We get over challenges and hurdles by taking action; by doing something. You just have to get started.
  • Quieting the mind is key to tapping into yourself.

AS FEATURED IN Podcast Magazine

Alignment Essentials: Inspirational Conversations for Living in Alignment was featured as the Editor’s Pick for podcasts to watch in the April 2020 issue of Podcast Magazine.

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FEATURING:  Inspirational Conversation with guest Samantha Long, POUND! and Passion with guest Kirsten Potenza, Creative Connection with Maria Bentley of Studio 1208, Empowerment and Connection with Morgan Hills-Adetoye and Lindsey Rainwater of WIFA (the Women in Fitness Association), and MANY MORE!  Stay tuned…

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