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What is the Warrior® Workout?

Quiet your mind; Empower your body.

What is the Warrior® Workout?

The Warrior® Workout is a PRACTICE.  Taught in rounds followed by short periods of active recovery, the workout challenges both the mind and body simultaneously.  Each round is 5 minutes long, and is based on either martial arts movement or functional fitness/military training, followed by a 2-minute active recovery.

In each round, you will see different options (“States of Mind”) to choose from. One of these is not harder than another; they are simply different options working different skill sets.  YOU decide which you want to do. You can’t get it wrong!

In our full video library you will find Round by Round videos for each round plus an Active Recovery.  You can mix and match them however you’d like, depending on how much time you have for your workout.  We offer several workout suggestions (based on how much time you have), or you can create your own!  Work the practice, Warriors.

The basic structure of the workout (a full 55-minute class) is:

six 5-minute Rounds (three martial arts; three military) with a 2-minute Active Recovery between each,
Cool down

Generally, martial arts rounds alternate with military rounds.

For example, the first 55-minute basic workout includes:

Warmup (approximately 8 minutes)
Round 1 – Martial Arts round (5 minutes)
Active Recovery 1 (2 minutes)
Round 2 – Military round (5 minutes)
Active Recovery 2 (2 minutes)
Round 3 – Martial Arts round (5 minutes)
Active Recovery 3 (2 minutes)
Round 4 – Military round (5 minutes)
Active Recovery 4 (2 minutes)
Round 5 – Martial Arts round (5 minutes)
Active Recovery 5 (2 minutes)
Round 6 – Military round (5 minutes)
Cooldown (approximately 7 minutes)

There are also breakdown videos available for each round.

With over 20 individual rounds and warmup/cooldown videos to choose from, the possibilities are endless!  You can create hundreds of workout mixes to try, or stick with one and repeat your favorite.

Remember, this is a practice.  It is YOUR workout so it’s important to listen to your body and what works for you (and your schedule).  You may only have an hour one day, or you might have more time.  You may want to practice one round over and over.  Maybe you want to mix and match rounds. or you may only have 5 minutes total and want to get a quick plank series in.  The good news is, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do it!  Use the Round By Round videos to mix and match your own workout that works for YOU.  You literally can’t get this wrong.