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The Warrior® Experience

Life is a journey; not a destination.

Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga

Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga is a unique combination of Tai Chi and Yoga set to powerful music designed to quiet the mind and increase flexibility, strength, and balance.  It is designed for all levels, and no previous experience in Tai Chi or Yoga is required.  The program involves a step by step practice for creating your own reality so you can experience more of what you want and less of what you don’t want in life.

To paraphrase an ancient teaching of Lao Tzu: when still, be like a mountain; when moving, flow like a river.  The fusion of Tai Chi and Yoga along with our teachings will provide you with a practice that allows you to ground yourself in a steady and effective way.  You’ll learn that nothing is more important than paying attention to how you feel.  You will also learn to move more with energy. This practice will help you to stop pushing against energy to make things happen that you desire and to simply move with energy to get out of your own way and allow all that you desire to come to you.

Below is one round from the Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga Experience, followed by the Moving Meditation for RELIEF.


WTCY Round 1 + RELIEF MM ►

For additional rounds and to view full classes, go to the Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga page in the VIP subscription.

If you are interested in learning more, we offer a Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga ONLINE Workshop where you can learn breakdowns, form, and the intention behind each movement, as well as access the music and complete classes.

USE CODE: EVENTwarrior for 20% discount!

Moving Meditations™

Alignment Essentials Moving Meditations™ were created to allow you to enhance or improve your emotional well-being. We go through life experiencing a myriad of emotions, some that serve us well and others that distract us from achieving happiness. Moving Meditations™ use music and movement in short bursts to realign or amplify your energy. They are meant to be used as everyday tools to help you find alignment.

Moving Meditations are available virtually.  Through this practice, learn to shift your emotional energy with ease throughout the day, and experience more joy on a regular basis.

The Moving Meditation for UNITY is a great place to start this practice. We’re all in this together, Warriors!

Moving Meditation – UNITY







We challenge you to do the Moving Meditation for UNITY *at least once each day* for the next two weeks.  Listen to the lyrics of the song as well.

The journey is on!

Want more Moving Meditations?  You can get the full library here, so you can access Moving Meditations for whatever emotions or feelings you are experiencing.  Whenever you feel a desire to shift (or to celebrate and stay in a positive emotion for longer), simply pull up the emotion you are experiencing and do the Moving Meditation along with the video.

For each emotion in the video library, you will find:

  • a brief “introductory video” to that emotion and why you may be experiencing it (essentially, a short Inspirational Conversation), 
  • a breakdown video explaining and teaching the movement used in that particular Moving Meditation, and, of course, 
  • a link to the Moving Meditation video itself.  
  • For some emotions, there are also bonus GROUP videos from various live events and workshops.

The song choices and lyrics are all important and tie together with the movement for each emotion.  Once you know the breakdown and understand the movement, you can go directly to the video of the Moving Meditation itself.

In less than 2 minutes a day, you will be on your way to finding more joy and creating more of what you want (and less of what you don’t want) in your life experience through this practice.  Enjoy!