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AE - WE'RE HIRING | Alignment Essentials


Exciting news: WE ARE GROWING!

We are hiring for several important and exciting roles at Alignment Essentials!

  • Social Media Director: This is a leadership position on our team with great opportunity for collaboration and growth.
  • Marketing Director:  This is a leadership position on our team with great opportunity for collaboration and growth.
  • Web/App Developer & Tech Director: This is a leadership position on our team with great opportunity for collaboration and growth.
  • Warrior wAEr Manager:  This project management position also comes with great opportunity for collaboration and growth.
  • Photographer/Videographer:  We have various needs for this role, so this could be one or multiple positions (photographer only; videographer only; both photographer & videographer; single event project; website/promotional work; etc.), with opportunities for project by project work or longer-term collaboration.

Roles & Responsibilities

All of these roles offer flexibility, compensation, and complimentary access to Alignment Essentials events and courses (including future courses).

The Social Media Director will be responsible for the development and execution of a social media strategy that will help us drive substantial growth on two key channels: Instagram (#1 priority) and Facebook. Responsibilities include social media strategy development, social media advertising planning and execution, social media content planning, social media content development & curation, daily posting & engagement, copy writing, competitive insights, and monthly analysis.  This person will work closely with the Marketing Director.

The Marketing Director will be responsible for the development and execution of an overall marketing strategy that will help us drive substantial growth and sales on several main funnels: the 365-day Living in Alignment Course and other workshops & courses, online content & subscriptions, Retreats, and Warrior wAEr.  Responsibilities include marketing strategy development, marketing content planning, marketing content development & curation, copy writing, competitive insights, and monthly analysis. This person will work closely with the Social Media Director.

​The Web/App Developer and Tech Director will be responsible for maintaining our current website and developing and creating a new AE App for iPhones and mobile devices. We are very excited about working with this person to create our App!  If interested in applying only for the App Developer role, please feel free to contact us directly; we would consider separating the two roles. Responsibilities include updating our current website and online applications; developing and implementing an iPhone app; working closely with us to implement our business and marketing strategy so that it is reflected in our online presence. Must be an expert in WordPress, WooCommerce, and plugins.  Looking for someone with experience using and integrating with Mailchimp, Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific, and/or other similar platforms.

Warrior wAEr Manager is an amazing opportunity to join our team from the retail side!  Responsibilities include maintaining current inventory of branded and unbranded clothing, tracking sales, mailing & distribution of orders, collaborating on and developing sale strategy and rollout plan for new items, working with the Marketing Director and Social Media Director on clothing sales & promotion, and the opportunity to attend live events (if and when they return post-Covid) with us to work the Warrior wAEr booth.  We are ideally looking for someone local or within about 3 hours of Tionesta, PA.

We are seeking a local (or willing to travel to events) Photographer/Videographer for the remainder of this year and 2021. You are welcome to apply for one or the other or both – we know not all photographers are videographers and vice versa, and not everyone has a team that does both roles (our production team happens to do both).  We have worked with some amazing photographers and videographers over the years, and we absolutely adore our production team, but they are based in the UK and with Covid and everything going on this year, we are not sure when we will get to see them.  Responsibilities include: photographing/videoing events and creating promotional content; collaborating on promotional ideas and executing the desired content; Warrior wAEr photographs and other photos for the website and promotional materials.  You may apply to this position for a one-off project (i.e., one session of Retreat or a single event that you are interested in doing videography/photography for), or you can apply for the broader role.  Must have significant experience capturing/photographing people in motion.

There will be a separate email and application for the Mentor and Ambassador positions.

It is essential to us that anyone applying for any of these roles has an understanding of who we are as a company and what we do and teach.  Anyone interested in applying for these roles must not only be an expert in their field of application (i.e. someone applying for the Social Media Director role must have documented experience and expertise growing a following/brand on Instagram and Facebook), but must also have an understanding of the AE tools, methodology, and brand.  We will provide this training for you.

Application Deadline is October 15.

Interview Details

After we have reviewed your resume, we will notify you either way of whether you are selected to move on to an interview. The first interview will be a 30 minute phone conversation with the goal of understanding the following:

(1) Why you are interested in this position

(2) Your past experience in the specific role you are applying for (i.e. managing and growing social channels, including understanding your specific responsibilities and accomplishments; or photographing fitness events or wellness events with a portfolio of images that would be relevant to what we are looking for).

(3) What you would do or how you would handle the requirements of your role (i.e. for Social Media Director and Marketing Director, what you would do to double the Brand’s following?).  Be prepared to be specific.


Please click on the link below and send your resume, a list of courses or workshops you have taken with Alignment Essentials (365-day Living in Alignment course – current students; Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga Workshop; Warrior® BAND Workshop; etc.), and links to social channel(s) you manage or have managed.

Application Deadline: October 15, 2020

NOTE: If you have pop-ups blocked on your computer, the button above may not work, so just email your materials to