Enclosed 1000 sq. ft.
Minimum of two working speakers (in-ceiling recessed speakers are unacceptable)
No carpet or concrete
Wireless mic
Central heating or AC in enclosed space
A 3.5mm connector to connect an iPod or laptop to the speakers
Two (2) 6′ tables
Access to wireless internet

*If you do not meet all of these requirements but would like to apply anyway, please detail which of these you do not have.  We may be able to work with you.


  1. The host must provide access to the space one hour prior to registration and one hour after the event for clean up.
  2. Host facility will receive three complementary registrations total.
  3. Required minimum of 25 paid registrations or a minimum of $500 in ticket sales to hold event (whichever is less).
  4. There is no marketing requirement, but AE will provide a flyer and event page if requested. AE will set up an event registration page and provide link(s) within one week of accepting hosting agreement.
  5. All registrations for the event will go through Alignment Essentials.  Registration is required to attend.
  6. AE reserves the right to cancel any event up to seven (7) days in advance due to extenuating circumstances that may arise or if required registrations have not been met.
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