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Moving Meditation: APPRECIATION

Life is a journey; not a destination.

Moving Meditations™

Alignment Essentials Moving Meditations™ were created to allow you to enhance or improve your emotional well-being. We go through life experiencing a myriad of emotions, some that serve us well and others that distract us from achieving happiness. Moving Meditations™ use music and movement in short bursts to realign or amplify energy. They are meant to be used as daily tools to help you find alignment.

Moving Meditations are available virtually.  Through this practice, learn to shift your emotional energy with ease throughout the day, and experience more joy on a regular basis.

The Moving Meditation for APPRECIATION is a great place to start this practice.

Moving Meditation – APPRECIATION







We challenge you to do the Moving Meditation for APPRECIATION *at least once each day* for the next month.  It is important to think of something (ANYTHING) that you actually appreciate before doing this Moving Meditation, and really think about it, so that you are in a true state of appreciation when doing the movement.  Listen to the lyrics of the song as well.



The journey is on!

How do Moving Meditations work?  In the full video library, you can access Moving Meditations for whatever emotions or feelings you are experiencing.  Whenever you feel a desire to shift (or to celebrate and stay in a positive emotion for longer), simply pull up the emotion you are experiencing and do the Moving Meditation along with the video.

For each emotion in the video library, you will find:

  • a brief “introductory video” to that emotion and why you may be experiencing it (essentially, a short Inspirational Conversation), 
  • a breakdown video explaining and teaching the movement used in that particular Moving Meditation, and, of course, 
  • a link to the Moving Meditation video itself.  
  • For some emotions, there are also bonus GROUP videos from various live events and workshops.

The song choices and lyrics are all important and tie together with the movement for each emotion.  Once you know the breakdown and understand the movement, you can go directly to the video of the Moving Meditation itself.

In less than 2 minutes a day, you will be on your way to finding more joy and creating more of what you want (and less of what you don’t want) in your life experience through this practice. 

Access the FULL library of Moving Meditations:

The full library of Moving Meditations is INCLUDED in the VIP Connection, so you can access the Moving Meditation for whatever emotions or feelings you are experiencing right now.  With our VIP option, you have access to the entire virtual content on our site, which includes all formats (Moving Meditations, Warrior® Workouts, Warrior® RIDE, Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga, Warrior® Toning, etc.)  You will find the VIP MM Library in the AE Tools dropdown once registered.

If you are using a code from one of our podcast appearances, use that code at checkout.