Warrior® Online Training Workshop – 1


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The Warrior® Online Training Workshop consists of online training videos, review questions, live Zoom tutorials, and optional one-on-one video feedback.  You must complete the online quiz at the end of the workshop to receive your Certificate of Completion. We have structured the learning so that you are able to absorb the material. Each person is different and will go at their own pace. We will reach out to everyone registered in the coming days to schedule our first group Zoom call.

The Warrior® program fuses martial arts and fitness enabling you to channel your inner power, shift your perceptions and change your reality. The full program consists of several parts: Warrior® Workouts (fitness classes, we have multiple formats) to discipline your body improve physical and mental well-being, Moving Meditations to enhance and improve emotional well-being, and motivational conversations to discipline your mind, inspire meaningful thoughts and promote positive self-talk. In addition we offer live event experiences, summer wellness retreats, and a (very comfortable – because nothing is more important than that you FEEL GOOD) clothing line with empowering messages.  This is much more than a fitness brand; it is a lifestyle.  Learn how to be present in the moment, quiet your mind, and become mindfully aware of your inner strength. This combination of body-mind practice challenges you to overcome your self-imposed limitations and realize your potential physically and mentally.

The Warrior® Training Workshop teaches you how to use the martial arts and bootcamp/military rounds to quiet your mind, achieve mental discipline, and change your self-perception. Each workshop video will focus on a different set of martial arts styles and bootcamp/military routines infused with mind-body techniques. You will become better at accomplishing the fitness routines, enhance your ability to be present in the moment, and become mindfully aware of your inner power.

This Warrior® Workout TRAINING #1 focuses on the following 6 rounds:
Martial Arts Round 1 – Muay Thai
Martial Arts Round 2 – Capoeira
Martial Arts Round 3 – Kung Fu
Military Round 1
Military Round 2
Military Round 3


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