Not sure where to get started?  We’ve got you covered!  Our 365-day Living in Alignment course is the foundation of the School of Unlearning.  This course will offer you a simple, step-by-step practice, one day at a time for a year.  This course is designed for EVERYONE — all ages, all health & wellness levels, men and women, you name it, we are here for you.

Learn to use each of the Alignment Essentials tools in turn, one at a time, with daily videos and instructions so you don’t have to figure anything out on your own.  “Graduate” from the School of Unlearning with a certificate in YOUR OWN beliefs and the tools to write your own life story.  You’ll have a tribe of Warriors supporting you all along the way.  This daily practice will kickstart your journey to living in alignment.  You just gotta get started!

This year-long course will take you on a step-by-step journey to live your best life NOW, and have the tools you need to stay in alignment for years to come!  You can’t beat that for less than $1/day!

Living in Alignment 365-day COURSE

Get the 365-day course plus EVERYTHING listed above, all for $1/day!


15-20 private Zoom sessions in first month of the course (future month calendars will be sent directly to people enrolled in the course)

Volume 1 of AE “My Story” JOURNAL*

Daily tracking pages for progress


Private Facebook group

FREE Warrior wAEr shirt*

$20 Warrior wAEr gift card* (so you can wAEr your favorite sayings as you work the practice)

Customizable calendar

and more!

*shipping not included


Living in Alignment 365-day Course **VIP ALL-ACCESS DISCOUNT PACKAGE**

Get the 365-day course, plus EVERYTHING listed above,

PLUS access to the entire library of Alignment Essentials online content for a full year,

PLUS all 4 volumes of AE “My Story” Journal* (shipping not included)

for only an added dollar a day!  Savings of over $100 on the AE VIP all-access content, plus all volumes of the Journal FREE!


$365 for course + $365 for EVERYTHING ELSE