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The Shaklee Difference

with Sabrina Ursaner

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Change Your Life


Let’s get started!

It’s your life…


Let’s get started!

Hey Health Warriors!


Wanna learn how to #LOVEYOURLIFE – starting from the inside out?


Detoxify your life and home.  Let’s chat about it. My favorite cleaning products are Basic H and Basic G… you really don’t need much more than that.

The Shaklee Difference

Want to know what makes Shaklee different from other companies?  Let’s chat.  This photo is from a meeting with Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett.

Sports Performance

While the cleaning products are what got me hooked on Shaklee in the first place, the sports performance products are no joke, and now I couldn’t imagine what I’d do without them!  My favorites:

  • Performance drink (orange flavor)
  • Energy chews (I take 2 of these daily)
  • Recovery (take at night before bed, especially after a workout)
  • Joint Health Complex

Healthier from the inside out

One of the products I use every day is Vivix® to promote cellular health.  Not to mention it tastes AWESOME.  I use the kosher version because I can’t have gelatin.  By the way this is another photo with Roger Barnett from one of the Shaklee Global Conferences. The CEO of this company spends time with individual distributors.  Amazing.


Happy to discuss all the products I use and why, my favorites, your own health journey and where you are, what you need, or anything else Shaklee-related.

Contact Me

For a free consultation, email or CLICK HERE to visit the Shaklee website

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