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AE Programs

There are a variety of ways to get started on your AE journey.  Programs include:

VIP Warrior® Experience:  This is the quickest way to access ALL of the online content AE offers.  Get immediate access to all seven pages of format programming, breakdown videos, full workouts and mixes, and more.  If you are already familiar with any of the AE formatting and want to access all of the content and videos, this is probably the option you are looking for.

Living in Alignment 365-day Course:  This year-long journey provides a daily practice and step-by-step process towards living in alignment.  This course is especially good for beginners or anyone looking for a place to get started.

Retreats:  We offer both live in-person and virtual retreats.  Virtual Retreats are a great way to get a quick taste of many of the various formats we offer.  Our live all-inclusive wellness retreats are the highlight of the year for us.  If you have experienced the course, any of the online content, or simply want to experience an incredible 5-day, 4-night getaway in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains, this is the place for you.

Get in Alignment:
Join the AE Virtual Connection

The Alignment Essentials tools consist of:
Warrior® Workouts:  fitness classes emphasizing the mind-body connection to improve physical and mental well-being
The Warrior® Workout,
Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga,
Warrior® Toning (using weights),
Warrior® RIDE (indoor cycle),
Warrior® Band (using resistance bands),
Warrior® Alignment & Stretch

Moving Meditations™: short patterns of movement, set to music and each tied to an emotion, to enhance and improve emotional well-being,

Inspirational Conversations™:  audio recordings, as well as LIVE Zoom calls and conversations, on a variety of topics to inspire meaningful thoughts and promote positive self-talk, and help you live more in alignment;

ALL AVAILABLE ONLINE!  Access from home, your car, the office, or wherever you may be on your phone, computer, or other device.


We understand that people lead busy lives.  You may not always have time to go to the gym, let alone take a minute for yourself to just breathe.  We’re here to help.

Warrior® Workouts are offered in 5-minute rounds so you can pull one up and squeeze in your workout in as little as 5 minutes a day, or mix and match to create a workout as long as you’d like.  We offer pre-made mixes at varying lengths so that you can choose what works best for you or what fits in your schedule (the most common class length is about an hour for Warrior® Workouts and about half an hour for Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga), or mix and match your own length.

Moving Meditations are anywhere from 90 seconds to about 3 minutes, so these can be done literally anywhere, anytime.  Inspirational Conversations are varying lengths, and you can listen anytime.

Access the Warrior Workouts, Moving Meditations, Inspirational Conversations, and a whole network of people instantly through the AE Virtual Connection.  Get unlimited access to all of these tools and more.

AE VIP Membership – monthly

Access the entire library of Alignment Essentials online content (monthly subscription).


AE VIP Membership – annual

Access the entire library of Alignment Essentials online content for a full year.

(save over $80)

One month trial

Want to check it out without signing up for a year?  No worries, try a month, no strings attached!