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The Warrior® Experience

Life is a journey; not a destination.


Are you ready to rock this workout?  We are so excited to have you join us.  First we thought we would tell you a little about the Warrior® Workout so you know what to expect.

What is the Warrior® Workout?

The Warrior® Workout is a PRACTICE.  Taught in rounds followed by short periods of active recovery, the workout challenges both the mind and body simultaneously.  Each round is 5 minutes long, and is based on either martial arts movement or functional fitness/military training, followed by a 2-minute active recovery.

In each military/fitness round, you will see different options (“States of Mind”) to choose from. One of these is not harder than another; they are simply different options working different skill sets.  It is YOUR workout so it’s important to listen to your body and what works for you.  The good news is, there is no right or wrong way to do it, but if you want more of a “challenge” we are suggesting a couple of rounds below for you to try to do State of Mind 3 the whole round.  😉  No pressure though, YOU decide which you want to do. You can’t get it wrong!

The basic structure of the workout (a full 55-minute class) is:

six 5-minute Rounds (three martial arts; three military) with a 2-minute Active Recovery between each,
Cool down

Generally, martial arts rounds alternate with military rounds.  YOUR WORKOUT MIX IS BELOW!

Your Warrior® Workout MIX of the Day

Today’s workout is a WARRIOR® WORKOUT MIX – the rounds are listed below.


Warrior® Workout MIX ►

Click on the words “Warrior® Workout MIX” directly above this text to go to the full workout video.

This class mix is about 55 minutes long and includes the following rounds:

Warmup (1 & 2)
Round 1: Martial Arts Round – Shotokon
Active Recovery 1
Round 2: Military Round**
**challenge to do State of Mind 3 the ENTIRE ROUND – follow Sabrina if you would like to do this
Active Recovery 2
Round 3: Martial Arts Round – Savate
Active Recovery 3
Round 4: Military Round
Active Recovery 4
Round 5: Martial Arts Round – Kung Fu
Active Recovery 5
Round 6:  Military Round**
**challenge to do State of Mind 3 the ENTIRE ROUND for a 5-minute plank series – follow Johnny if you would like to do this
Cool down

Way to go, Warriors!

Thanks for joining in a Warrior® Workout!  For more information or if you would like to see any round breakdowns or just chat, feel free to contact us!

Much love.