I am so proud of you...

for embarking on the journey toward emotional healing. 

The process can be tough, but it is worth it. Check out our new blog for more signs you are MASTERING your emotional healing process.

What does it mean to Live IN Alignment

The word Alignment from the Alignment Essentials® (AE) perspective refers to the Mind, Body, Breath and Spirit.
It means:

  • Discovering who you are
  • Connecting with your higher self
  • Exploring how to live your life in balance
  • Learning how to create more of what you want
  • Finding more abundance in each day
  • Mastering the ability to shift your state of mind
  • Unearthing your appreciation and gratitude
  • Beginning to write and tell a new story
  • Living the life you know you deserve

Our Living in Alignment Program provides a simple step-by-step process that has successfully guided many individuals along this journey.

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Living in Alignment!

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Wellness Retreat: This retreat was life-changing for me in that I was welcomed with open arms into the tribe family and I felt as though I belonged and was home. The activities were empowering and transformational in my journey.  The Warrior Tai Chi Yoga at sunrise is an experience that I will always cherish because I felt the doorway to the future opening up for me.

Denise Lennox


Wellness Retreat: My favorite part was the feeling of being a part of a community again. Waking up early with purpose after completing the Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga class. Honestly I feel like joining this retreat sparked my inner warrior.



Living in Alignment Program: I am more aware of who I am. I also know this group has my back. I am totally connected with them.

Carol Keller


The Warrior Workouts are amazing! Warrior Workouts are not just a fitness format; they are a connection to mind, body and soul. Workouts taught me to listen to my body, which helped me gain confidence. There is no judgment from others. I learned to “mind my own business” and “quiet my mind”. I found my confidence, I found myself.

Sherry Reynolds


Moving meditations have been the most life changing practice for me. For many years I lived life just constantly reacting to everything happening to me and around me and felt completely out of control. Moving meditations helped me to realize how much control I do have over how I feel and the thoughts that I think.

Jen Brown


Living in Alignment Program: Anger has been a dark shadow for me for most of my life however, while in the Living in Alignment program over the last couple of years I've really learned how to handle it a lot better by using the tools that AE has supplied me. I have repeated the program several times and learned new things each time that have taken me to a brighter happier place.

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