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The word Alignment from the Alignment Essentials® (AE) perspective refers to the Mind, Body, Breath and Spirit.

It means:

  • Discovering who you are
  • Connecting with your higher self
  • Exploring how to live your life in balance
  • Learning how to create more of what you want
  • Finding more abundance in each day
  • Mastering the ability to shift your state of mind
  • Unearthing your appreciate and gratitude
  • Beginning to write and tell a new story
  • Living the life you know you deserve 

Our Living in Alignment Program provides a simple step-by-step process that has successfully guided many individuals along this journey.



    The Warrior Workouts are amazing! Warrior Workouts are not just a fitness format; they are a connection to mind, body and soul. Workouts taught me to listen to my body, which helped me gain confidence. There is no judgment from others. I learned to “mind my own business” and “quiet my mind”. I found my confidence, I found myself.

    Sherry Reynolds

    Moving meditations have been the most life changing practice for me. For many years I lived life just constantly reacting to everything happening to me and around me and felt completely out of control. Moving meditations helped me to realize how much control I do have over how I feel and the thoughts that I think.

    Jen Brown

    Living in Alignment Program: Anger has been a dark shadow for me for most of my life however, while in the Living in Alignment program over the last couple of years I've really learned how to handle it a lot better by using the tools that AE has supplied me. I have repeated the program several times and learned new things each time that have taken me to a brighter happier place.


    Living in Alignment Program: I am more aware of who I am. I also know this group has my back. I am totally connected with them.

    Carol Keller

    Wellness Retreat: I attended my first retreat in 2019. It was completely out of my comfort zone as I wouldn’t know anyone there and I wasn’t even sure what I had signed up for! The energy felt vibrant and more apparent. The relationships that are made with other Warriors feel like friendships from the fourth grade- they are always there to support you without judgement, and although you may not see each other often, the connections will last forever.


    Wellness Retreat: This retreat was life-changing for me in that I was welcomed with open arms into the tribe family and I felt as though I belonged and was home. The activities were empowering and transformational in my journey.  The Warrior Tai Chi Yoga at sunrise is an experience that I will always cherish because I felt the doorway to the future opening up for me.

    Denise Lennox

    Wellness Retreat: My favorite part was the feeling of being a part of a community again. Waking up early with purpose after completing the Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga class. Honestly I feel like joining this retreat sparked my inner warrior.


    Living in Alignment Program: I have never been prouder, happier, or more at peace, knowing I am exactly where I need to be. Trusting the universe, being one with my tribe and practicing MM’s and Warrior Tai Chi daily. I’ve begun to shed that which does not serve me. I am grateful for the lessons and gifts of each day, each opportunity and each person in my life. I have my own work to do and my Living in Alignment AE tribe helps facilitate my doing so. If I didn’t have this most amazing practice in 2020, I do not know where I’d be.