What if...

...nothing was more important than that YOU feel good?

...YOU can’t get it wrong?

...you can live the life YOU desire and always dreamed of?

If one or all of the above statements sparked something within you, then the Living in Alignment program is just what you have been looking for.

Living in Alignment

  • Learn how to find more peace, balance and joy in your life
  • Discover your life’s purpose
  • Identify emotions and how to flow through them
  • Begin living the life you know you deserve & have been waiting for

What is Living in Alignment?

Living in Alignment typically refers to living in harmony with your personal values, beliefs, and goals. It involves making choices and decisions that are consistent with your core principles and aspirations.

At Alignment Essentials® (AE), we believe that true Living in Alignment is done through a practice which combines the mind, body, and soul. It involves fostering a holistic approach to well-being that integrates mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of life.

These three aspects of human existence are interconnected, and addressing them collectively can lead to a more balanced and fulfilling life. When we work to align the mind, body, and soul we experience a more comprehensive and interconnected sense of well-being, leading to a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Living in Alignment is a continuous journey that requires self-awareness, intentional choices, and a commitment to personal growth. Regularly reassessing your priorities and making adjustments as needed will contribute to a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

This practice requires self-awareness, reflection, and a willingness to make adjustments as personal values and circumstances change. Ultimately leading to a life that feels authentic , purposeful, and fulfilling.

AE’s unique Living in Alignment program gives you the inspiration, tools, guidance and community you desire to evolve into living a life with more Joy, a life full of Love and Well-being while paving the path to the life you truly desire.

Your time is now. Let the journey begin.

About the Program

Living in Alignment means discovering who you truly are and how you intend to live your life in balance. Everything we do at Alignment Essentials® is based on the belief that we can empower you to lead a more joyful and fulfilling lifestyle.

Our Living in Alignment membership program provides unique essential tools (developed by Jani Roberts) and practices to guide you to stay in alignment.

Your journey will help you to understand that you must make how you feel a priority. By exploring how you feel, you will begin to pay attention to your thoughts, which create your beliefs, which create your reality.

See Module breakdown for more information. 

Embrace a community of support...

Find your kin, a group of like-minded Warriors who are also committed to evolving and identifying their life purpose.

We are here to support you in every step of your journey!

What's Included

  • Simple step-by-step daily practice
  • Easy to use “My Story” daily journal to start identifying patterns of behavior and fill it with whispers of your soul
  • Weekly Motivational Emails containing your weekly theme, motivation and tools
  • Weekly Inspirational Messages from Jani to light your soul on fire
  • Weekly Moving Meditations™ to use music and movement to realign or amplify your energy
  • Monthly live Empowerment Calls with Jani and your tribe to dive deeper into your work
  • A private Facebook Group to connect with like-minded Warriors for motivation, encouragement and support
  • Access to Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga practice for creating your own reality so you can experience more of what you want and less of what you don’t want in life. (Module 2 adds access to Warrior® Qi Gong)
  • An online portal to manage your membership, access available tools, and track your success
  • Exclusive pricing for our famous Wellness Retreat
  • Additional AE Movement practices: Warrior® Workout, Warrior® Ride, Warrior® Toning
  • AND free access to masterclasses, workshops and special events

Module breakdown



Module 1 of the Living in Alignment program focuses on “Nothing is more important than that I feel good” and “I’m never going to get it done“.

We will explore how you feel by paying attention to your thoughts, which create beliefs, which create your reality. If you want a different life experience, you must begin here. Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values. Those values become a part of your beliefs. All this is a reflection of your journey. Let’s delve deeper into feelings and emotions to reach new heights on your journey to living the life YOU desire; a life with more JOY!

What if you didn’t come here just to attend school, get a job, get married, have kids, and do all those little things in between? What if checking things off your list and racing through life is not making you happy? What if JOY is found on the journey to the things YOU desire?

Most of us spend our time checking things off and adding things to our list. We work hard and give up precious time with our family and friends to get stuff done so that someday we can live the life we want to live, but that list keeps growing and we seem to never get there. The truth is we will never get it all done. Learn how to recognize that and accept it, allowing the time you need to feel more JOY and live the life YOU desire. 



Module 2 takes you into a deeper understanding of your own truth by focusing on “I can’t get it wrong” and “My life is full".

Discover a clear understanding of your truth and how you can be living in more JOY.

We have made no mistakes in our lives. We sift and sort to gain clarity around what we want and what we don’t want. We will step into emotions and feelings such as self-confidence, empowerment, awareness, self-forgiveness and approval. Let’s take a step closer to the truth, where we will find incredible relief and confirmation that we are worthy and that all we desire is on its way to us! There are no mistakes - not really. We have to know hot to know cold. The divorce I experienced wasn’t a mistake, the job I left wasn’t unrewarding, the friend I lost wasn’t vindictive – they were gifts. Now, I know exactly what I don’t want. Again, we have to know hot to know cold.

You experience self-forgiveness. You become more compassionate with yourself and others. You are no longer judgmental and are quick to listen and slow to speak. You choose love over fear. You are now attracting more of what you want and way less of what you don’t want. You understand what you can control and what you cannot. You are in a continuous state of appreciation and growth.

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what participants are saying


Living in Alignment Program: This is one of those programs you can't get enough of. I've repeated it several times and each time, I find a new nugget of inspiration that not only pushes me to finding more joy but allowing me to continue to live the life I want! I am finally living my life my way. I can easily shift from a state of anger to a state of gratitude. What used to take me days now takes me minutes.



Living in Alignment Program: I have never been prouder, happier, or more at peace, knowing I am exactly where I need to be. Trusting the universe, being one with my tribe and practicing MM’s and Warrior Tai Chi daily. I’ve begun to shed that which does not serve me. I am grateful for the lessons and gifts of each day, each opportunity and each person in my life. I have my own work to do and my Living in Alignment AE tribe helps facilitate my doing so. If I didn’t have this most amazing practice in 2020, I do not know where I’d be.



Living in Alignment Program: Anger has been a dark shadow for me for most of my life however, while in the Living in Alignment program over the last couple of years I've really learned how to handle it a lot better by using the tools that AE has supplied me. I have repeated the program several times and learned new things each time that have taken me to a brighter happier place.



Living in Alignment Program: The connection that I feel with this Warrior tribe is a true blessing. I am experiencing a growth, a shift. I am becoming more at peace with myself every step of my journey.



Living in Alignment Program: I'm so grateful to have you all to share with and be able to tell these amazing experiences and that you "get it". You see the meaning and feel the power of it. I've experienced things my whole life and felt like no one gets it...no one sees what I see and I have finally found "my tribe".



Living in Alignment Program: I am more aware of who I am. I also know this group has my back. I am totally connected with them.



Living in Alignment Program:  is incredible and is perfect for everyone who desires to live a life of more balance, peace and joy!! The daily moving meditations and journal, along with weekly calls and Warrior Tai Chi Yoga really gives me the accountability I need to make this a daily practice. The course has really helped me pay attention to how I am feeling every day, identify triggers and patterns of thinking that weren’t serving me; and has given me the tools to handle bad days with more grace, feel much more in alignment on a regular basis, live in the now, recognize and focus on the good in my life/what is working, be more grateful, and to live in more joy!



Living in Alignment Program: It has been a welcome confirmation that:

  • I can't be there for everyone... and that's ok.
  • I can't fix everything... and that's ok.
  • Things often don't go according to plan, so if I don't want to, I won't make plans ... and that's ok.
  • I am allowed to take as long as I need. I am allowed to say no.
  • I am allowed to just be me.
  • Taking time out for me is necessary.
  • Acknowledging how I feel is necessary.
  • Doing things that also makes 'me' happy is necessary.

And whatever decisions I make, good or bad, I really can't get it wrong. But most importantly, I learned that when needed, I too have people who have my back. The connection within this group is phenomenal.



Living in Alignment Program: The Moving Mediations I learned within this program are the key to being able to identify negative emotions, acknowledge them and then shift into more happiness. They also allow me to stay in and celebrate positive emotions - starting my day in the state of mind I want. I never journaled before but the journals with this program showed me a simple way to do it and now it's a regular part of my routine. I feel so much happier now. I am able to face difficult situations with gratitude and a more positive approach. Yup...this is the life I want!! MORE JOY!!

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