• Join Us Thursday October 3rd thru Sunday October 6th, 2024 - only 4 spots left!!

All-Inclusive Wellness Retreats

Where laughter is had,
Friendships are made,
Memories are created,
And empowerment begins!

Ready to set your soul on fire?

The word Alignment, from the Alignment Essentials® perspective, refers to the Mind, Body, Breath and Spirit. Our live wellness retreats expand on this concept and allow you to find serenity and peace to clear your mind, become focused and discover who you are.

Join us at the 600-acre Flying W Ranch in Tionesta, Pennsylvania for 5 days and 4 nights in the peaceful Allegheny Mountains. Quiet your mind, make connections that last a lifetime, feel like you belong, and know you are not alone on your journey.


Alignment Essentials® has been hosting exclusive unique wellness retreats since 2016. As the world and needs of individuals evolve, so have these retreats. In 2023, we created a small intimate retreat based upon the learnings of our Living in Alignment program.

Living in Alignment is a continuous journey that requires self-awareness, intentional choices, and a commitment to personal growth. Our live wellness retreat is now a solid part of this journey. With a focus on mind, body and soul practices, you can gain a greater amount of healing, understanding and direction to help you feel more Joy in your life and soar to new heights.

Ready to soar to new heights?

Sample schedule

  • Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga to quiet the mind and empower the body
  • Warrior® QiGong to focus on healing and rejuvenation
  • Moving Meditations™ workshops to dive further into their magic and purpose
  • Reflection & journal time to dig deeper into your soul for self discovery
  • Campfire ceremonies to strengthen your connection to Mother Earth, yourself and each other
  • Inspirational Conversations to awaken what lies within
  • Shamanic healing sessions to aid healing on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level
  • Medicine Walks to discover who you are and what you are meant to do in this world
  • Mindfulness practices to awaken your connection to being

Note: All activities listed are samples and may change/evolve with each retreat. Schedules are fluid and 100% optional. 

  • Accommodations for 3 nights in a semi-private cabin (private bedroom with shared bathroom, kitchen and common area)
  • 1 dinner and 1 breakfast at the Flying W Ranch
  • All retreat activities (movement, reflection, excursions, coaching)
  • Special retreat gifts
  • Friendships and connections that will last forever
  • An experience of a lifetime

Accommodations : The Flying W Ranch

Four private upper cabins are available for this retreat. 

Each cabin has two private bedrooms, one three piece bathroom, and a common living area with futon and tv, a kitchen area (including fridge, microwave and stove) and magical views overlooking the ranch right from the porch. Each Retreat registration is for one person in one private bedroom in a cabin (if you are requesting to share a cabin with someone specific in the other room, include in note at checkout). These cabins can also hold a third person to sleep on the futon.

what participants are saying


Wellness Retreat: 2020 was my very first Live Retreat. I cannot put into words how amazing it truly was, especially during the pandemic. Activities such as hiking, horseback riding, campfires, stargazing at night, to the Warrior workouts, sunrise Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga, pet therapy, I felt free, connected. I will never forget this amazing experience and cannot wait until Retreat 2021!



Wellness Retreat: AE retreat is so great for the body, mind, and soul. After attending 4 retreats, I can say it's one of the best experiences I've ever had with the most amazing people. It’s truly amazing.



Wellness Retreat: I attended my first retreat in August of 2019 and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the experience! The acceptance from day 1. The energy was magical. The people all spilling over with love and appreciation gave me hope and a sense of belonging. I found like-minded, lifetime friends there.



From the glorious Flying W Ranch, to the gracious employees & family members, to the food, the adorable cabins, the swag, the fabulous workouts, the epic hikes, and self exploration activities, to the great campfires, the fun shopping, to Captain, the Wonder Dog, and to the best of all--Jani, our host, the retreat was spectacular. It was a life changing experience you won't want to miss!



Wellness Retreat: I felt at peace, and grounded for the first time in many months. 2020 has been a year of great personal loss, along with the stress we all are feeling about this pandemic and the direction of our country. This experience helped me to look inside and find my strength to focus, and move forward. Just what I needed! It was awesome! Thank you.



Wellness Retreat: My favorite part was the feeling of being a part of a community again. Waking up early with purpose after completing the Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga class. Honestly I feel like joining this retreat sparked my inner warrior.



Wellness Retreat: I attended my first retreat in 2019. It was completely out of my comfort zone as I wouldn’t know anyone there and I wasn’t even sure what I had signed up for! The energy felt vibrant and more apparent. The relationships that are made with other Warriors feel like friendships from the fourth grade- they are always there to support you without judgement, and although you may not see each other often, the connections will last forever.



Wellness Retreat: I was introduced to AE by my cousin in March 2019. We decided to attend AE Retreat that July. Those 5 days were some of the best of my life. I knew I belonged from the moment I arrived. 2019 Retreat - I rolled down a hill for the first time in my life. It was my idea, spontaneous as could be, and while I still wish I had a picture/video of it, the experience is etched in my memory, I will always remember the Ranch, Retreat, My Tribe, my Very First MM and MY ROLL DOWN THE HILL!



Wellness Retreat: I can sum it up in a couple words: Amazing and Magical!



Wellness Retreat: My favorite part was the feeling of being a part of a community again. Waking up early with purpose after completing the Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga class. Honestly I feel like joining this retreat sparked my inner warrior.



Wellness Retreat: Retreat is the most magical experience!! Being surrounded by the absolute beauty of nature, like-minded people, animals, and pure love and acceptance is so incredibly healing and empowering at the same time. Every year I attend I grow more as a person, and the friendships I have made at these experiences are cherished and life-long. I look forward to retreat so much every year and can’t imagine a summer without it!!!



Wellness Retreat: There really are no words for this live experience. I look forward to it all year. Each and every retreat results in a new self awareness and all who attend inspire me. Whether we are hiking, horseback riding, chillin’ by the campfire or experiencing Warrior Tai Chi Yoga at sunrise I feel more connected to Source and myself there than any other place on the planet. These mountains are special and call to me and the unique group of welcoming souls who attend are on a similar journey. I always leave the AE experiences inspired to live my purpose.



Wellness Retreat: I have been unable to put into words what the experience meant to me; personally, professionally and spiritually. Warriors are a special breed and when connections are made they are made forever. Best time of my life, without a doubt. Can’t wait to be back next year.



Wellness Retreat: This retreat was life-changing for me in that I was welcomed with open arms into the tribe family and I felt as though I belonged and was home. The activities were empowering and transformational in my journey. The Warrior Tai Chi Yoga at sunrise is an experience that I will always cherish because I felt the doorway to the future opening up for me.

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