Warrior® Workout

Quiet Your Mind; Empower Your Body

Find your inner warrior!

The Warrior® Workout is designed to empower people of all ages and abilities to build a stronger mind and body! It is a practice of mind-body connection and paying attention to how you FEEL.

It’s a workout designed just for YOU!

About The Workout

The Warrior® Workout is more than just a fitness format – it’s an empowerment practice that is designed to teach you a very strong mind-body connection.

It is taught in six 5 minute rounds each followed by 2-minute active recovery providing you with a 1 hour workout.

Based on martial arts movement and functional fitness/military training, the movement patterns do not change; what changes is your understanding of each movement.

Powerful songs are carefully chosen with just the right tempo and lyrics to drive you deeper into your practice and completely empower you.

The more you practice the quieter your mind gets and the more empowered your body becomes.

This fusion of martial arts and functional fitness empowers people of all ages and abilities to reconnect with their inner warrior by building cardio endurance, strength, agility, flexibility, and confidence.

It’s not about changing the movement on a frequent basis but more of being able to learn, understand and feel your way through the movements in order to achieve the maximum benefit from each one. That’s how the mind-body connection is created.

Your Workout; YOU Decide

Throughout the practice, you will choose from options called States of Mind. This allows you to decide what you want to focus on and what works best for your body at that moment.

One of these is not hard than the other. They are simply different options working different skill sets.

Work your way through the different States of Mind and feel how the workout shifts. Change them up frequently.

It’s your workout – you decide!

Here’s an example of the States of Mind (SOM):

  • SOM 1 – a low lunge to a low side jack – works balance & core
  • SOM 2 – a regular lunge to a jumping jack – works cardio
  • SOM 3 – a burpee to a flyaway jumping jack – works flexibility & strength

How to access

A full Warrior® Workout class is about an hour long. The class is taught in six 5 minute rounds each followed by 2-minute active recovery. It is included as part of our Living in Alignment program to enhance and expand healing on all levels. 

Join Living in Alignment now to access a variety of different classes as well as exclusive pop up live virtual classes. 

Time to Quiet your Mind and Empower your Body!

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