Find Your Joy

We go through life experiencing a myriad of emotions, some that serve us well and others that distract us from achieving happiness.

Moving Meditations™ allow you to enhance or improve your emotional well-being by offering you a way to easily shift from one emotion to the next through the combination of movement and music.

How It Works

LIA MM Phase 1

Moving Meditations are short patterns of movement, connected to an emotion and driven by music.  They are designed for daily use to realign or amplify energy and find more alignment.

In less than 2 minutes a day, you will be on your way to finding more joy and creating more of what you want.

Learn to recognize and appreciate the contrast that exists in everyday life.

Find clarity around what you want.

Move from where you are to where you want to be.

The song choices are carefully selected to tie together the lyrics and movement for each emotion.

This intricate combination allows you to shift your emotional energy with ease.

There are currently over 52 Moving Meditations available through our Living in Alignment program.

Within the program, you first learn how to clearly identify the true emotion you are feeling. Once identified, you then learn how to successfully leverage the corresponding Moving Meditation to help you either enhance or shift that emotion.

Experience It

Within our VIP Subscription, you have access to our three most popular Moving Meditations™: Appreciation, Compassion and Love.

To access all 52 Moving Meditationsjoin our Living in Alignment program.