Living in Alignment ALUMNI Membership

Our Living in Alignment ALUMNI membership program provides you with continued access to the all the unique essential tools and practices to allow you to stay in alignment.  As the program evolves, your ALUMNI membership remains the same allowing you access to any new tools that may be added to enhance your ability to stay Living in Alignment.

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What’s included?

  • Membership Portal: Full access to the NEW Membership Portal. The portal includes Moving Meditations™, Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga, Warrior® Qi Gong Motivational Emails, Inspirational Messages, and more! If the program expands, you will gain access to these new items at no additional cost. 
  • Monthly Empowerment Calls: Invitation to all monthly empowerment calls held the second Monday of every month. 
  • Private Facebook Group: continued access to the private Facebook group to share your journey and inspire others. 
  • Masterclasses & Workshops: Free access to any Masterclass and/or Workshops.
  • Wellness Retreats: Early registration and exclusive pricing for our annual wellness retreat. 

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