Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga Teacher Certification

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  • All training and certification materials
  • 1:1 virtual review with Jani
  • Your first year access to the Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga Teacher Portal ($99/year)

Unlock your inner potential to Empower Yourself to Empower Others!


  • Active Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga Teacher status and the ability to teach classes.
  • Your name and studio on our website for those looking for live classes. 
  • Access to a private Warrior® Teacher Facebook Group for sharing and support
  • Exclusive discounts on all Alignment Essentials events (online and live) – including Wellness Retreats
  • Teacher discounts on additional Alignment Essentials Teacher Training Courses when available
  • Discounts on all Warrior wAEr clothing
  • Receive your Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga Teacher Portal FREE for a year when you refer a total of 8 new people to Living in Alignment (must be registered for a year) in one calendar year


By purchasing this product you agree to the following terms and conditions. If these terms and conditions are not met, your ability to teach Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga may be revoked and all the above subscription benefits will be renounced. All material is owned and managed by Alignment Essentials®.
  • Maintain an active yearly membership on the Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga Teacher Portal. If your subscription is cancelled it is assumed you are no longer teaching therefore all benefits listed above will be removed.
  • Keep the integrity of the format by not altering movements. Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga is based on the practices of Tai Chi and Yoga therefore the movements are very specific and used within the practice for  an intended purpose. Altering movements can reduce the mind, body, soul connection. Certain Yoga poses can be altered, as instructed in the training, for participants with physical limitations to adapt.
  • Preserve the music. The music has been carefully selected and mixed for Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga to match the movements and provide a sense of a true mind/body connection resulting in overall empowerment.
  • Follow brand guidelines: 
    • Always use proper trademarks: Alignment Essentials® | Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga
    • Always use full practice name: Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga
    • In the first mention on websites or other marketing material use: Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga by Alignment Essentials®
    • When possible, use proper colour schemes: 1F196D AE General | 90A8C3 Warrior Tai Chi Yoga
  • Each year submit a recording of your class for evaluation OR host a Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga Workshop at your location with Jani. See Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga Teacher Portal for hosting details/logistics. 
  • Each year, refer 2 new people to Living in Alignment (must be registered for a year).
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