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Ready to start living the life you desire?

About the program

Living in Alignment means discovering who you truly are and how you intend to live your life in balance. Everything we do at Alignment Essentials® is based on the belief that we can empower you to lead a more joyful and fulfilling lifestyle.

Our Living in Alignment membership program provides unique essential tools (developed by Jani Roberts) and practices to guide you to stay in alignment.

This 365 day membership guides you on your journey of living the life you desire. It’s a step-by-step online program with monthly live calls, that focuses on learning the essential tools for Living in Alignment.

Your journey will help you to understand that you must make how you feel a priority. By exploring how you feel, you will begin to pay attention to your thoughts, which create your beliefs, which create your reality.

What's included

Each phase includes:

  • Simple step-by-step daily practice
  • Easy to use daily “My Story” journal to start identifying patterns of behavior and fill it with whispers of your soul
  • Weekly motivational emails containing your theme and tools for the week
  • Weekly inspirational messages from Jani to light your soul on fire
  • Weekly Moving Meditations™ to use music and movement to realign or amplify your energy.
  • Weekly action check list to encourage you to try new things or try things differently
  • Monthly live empowerment calls with Jani and your tribe to dive deeper into your work
  • A private Facebook Group to connect with like-minded Warriors for motivation, encouragement and support
  • Access to Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga practice for creating your own reality so you can experience more of what you want and less of what you don’t want in life. (Module 2 adds access to Warrior® Qi Gong)
  • An online portal to manage your membership, access the tools available and track your success
  • First chance to register for our famous Wellness Retreat before it goes public
  • AND free access to pop-up masterclasses, workshops and special events

About Jani Roberts

Jani is the Owner of Alignment Essentials®, a health and wellness company spanning the movement, self-improvement, and mindfulness spaces. She is the creator of the Living in Alignment Program, Warrior® Workouts, Moving Meditations™ and all of the Alignment Essentials programming content. In addition, Jani is an international bestselling author and has over 40 years of experience in the health and wellness field. She owned and operated a large gym franchise as well as a boutique mind body studio where she specialized in health and wellness related services, products, preventative health education, personal training, life coaching, and nutrition.

She has literally trained hundreds of thousands of coaches around the world and has been the featured choreographer and educator on numerous training DVDs. Jani has presented for dozens of large Wellness brands such Nike and Adidas. She holds several certifications from ACE, AFAA and NASM and the American Academy of Nutrition.

Jani travels extensively as a speaker and presenter sharing her Alignment Essentials wellness tools and helping people find more joy in their lives. She is currently training at the Shamanic Institute of Healing. 

Ready to start living a life with more JOY?

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