Find Your Peace

Create your own reality and experience more of what you want in life.

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Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga is a unique combination of Tai Chi and Yoga set to powerful music designed to quiet the mind and increase flexibility, strength, and balance.

It is designed for all levels, and no previous experience in Tai Chi or Yoga is required.

The program involves a step-by-step practice for creating your own reality so you can experience more of what you want and less of what you don’t want in life.

To paraphrase an ancient teaching of Lao Tzu: when still, be like a mountain; when moving, flow like a river.  

The fusion of Tai Chi and Yoga, along with the Alignment Essentials® teachings and philosophies, will provide you with a practice that allows you to ground yourself in a steady and effective way.

You will be able to find the peace and calm you’ve been searching for.

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You will be able to move with energy rather than against it.

This practice will help you to stop pushing against energy to make the things you desire happen and to simply move with energy to get out of your own way and allow all that you desire to come to you.

Tai Chi is often described as “moving meditation.” Within the Alignment Essentials® practice you will discover the connection between our Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga and  Moving Mediations™ practices.

The benefits of a regular practice are many, ranging from rejuvenation and repair of the structural and internal systems of the body to stress relief and improved concentration.

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Attend A Class

A full Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga class is approximately 30-45 minutes long. Similar to all of the other AE formats, the class is taught in rounds, with a 2-minute Active Recovery between each round.

The active recovery between every round in Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga is the same: the Moving Meditation™ for RELIEF.  This is done in order to enhance the feeling of RELIEF you will experience throughout the class.

Classes are offered in a variety of ways:

Gain A Deeper Knowledge

The 6-hour Warrior® Tai Chi Yoga Workshop is designed to offer you a chance to gain a deeper knowledge of the format and enhance your practice by understanding the intention behind each movement.

Expand your awareness of the movements and poses, finding what works best for your body. Allow yourself to enhance your ability to be present in the moment and become mindfully aware of your inner power.

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2023 Dates coming soon.

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Workshops are held live via Zoom.

Teacher Certification

This extended workshop includes 32 hours of training (17 hours live on Zoom and 15 hours self-paced) along with a manual and practice videos. Upon completion of the course and successful examination, you will receive an official certification along with the complete music mix.


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